Day 59 – 08/29/22 – Curiosity and Freedom Honks

A lot of curiosity was sparked in the communities as Miss Patti and I walked 5.8 miles from Santaquin to Payson, UT today. There were two cars who saw the sign on the back of Beechy, were curious and pulled over to

Days 57-58 – 08/27-28/22 – Delta Walk and Springing Forward

Today, Dan dropped Miss Rayette off so she could walk with Miss Patti and me. We decided to make it a short, 2-mile walk through the Delta community. Along the way, we got lots of thumbs up and freedom honks from passers-by.

Day 55 – 08/25/22 – Community Building in Delta, UT

We got the Thermocure to put into Beechy. It needs to sit for 3 to 5 days…probably 5 to 7 days for our old RV with all of the normal rust buildup that’s accumulated over the past 55 years. We also got