Day 53 – 08/23/22 – No Drama

LOVES Truck Stop in Ely, NV to Baker, NV

We left the LOVES truck stop in Ely, NV this morning and walked 5.6 miles. It was a pretty good day. There were not a lot of highlights to cut to in the stream today. We’ve decided the plan will be to bounce over to Baker, NV, walk across the Utah border and then move on to Delta, UT. There’s nothing between the border and Delta. That’s about 100 miles of nothing. We need to be where there are people, so that’s what we’ve decided to do. It’s what’s best for this movement and to get our message out.

A big shout out to Texas Girl who called ahead and reserved spots for us at an RV park in Baker so we could rest, dump and refuel our water tanks and be able to plug in so we didn’t have to run the generator on Beechy. Thanks Texas! You’re the best!

We’re hearing that there are individuals in Delta that are excited to see us come through there. I want to spend a little bit of time in Delta handing out cards and talking to people before moving north on Highway 6. We’re continuing this effort of spreading awareness, gaining more followers and having individuals come out and be heard. The more voices we can get, the louder we will be and the greater impact we will have.

Abby greeting me after my walk today.

I don’t have a lot of drama on my channel. Our freedoms need to be restored. They’re being chiseled away piece by piece. The message behind this movement is not about drama. As far as other movements are concerned, whether they be convoys or protests, etc., ultimately, we’re all looking to achieve the same thing. It’s not one group’s freedom versus another group’s freedoms, it’s for all of us. Even for those who don’t share the same beliefs as we do. It’s their freedom to choose what they believe in, even if it differs from ours. That’s the beauty of it all. That’s what FREEDOM is all about!