Day 60 – 08/30/22 – “I’m All In!”

So many things happened today and I want to make sure to include as much as I can, so this may be a long blog.

I know I’m at risk of sounding like a broken record, but it appears that some people need to hear this multiple times so they can get and understand our mission. What is it that we’re doing? We are trying to bring people together. We’re trying to educate all so We the People know what we need to do to get our country back on track. It doesn’t mean that we will be successful, but we do have to try, peacefully, to get our country back.

So many people ask and say, “What does that mean? What freedoms have we lost? I haven’t lost any.”

Well, yes you have! In a lot of cases, you’ve lost your freedom of choice. Depending on what profession you’re in, you may have lost your job because of your lack of freedom of choice on whether or not to put a foreign substance into your body. Were you forced to do something against your will? It’s way past time that we come together as a nation and talk to and share our experiences with one other.

Check out this quick video short of an interaction when someone came up to me after reading our signs and said, “I just want to hear what you’re doing on this walk for Freedom.” When I explained our mission, she said that she agreed that our freedoms are being whittled away one by one. She loved the idea of the Forrest Gump-type thing we’re trying to do.

A lot of people in the media STILL think our mission here is to stop the mandates. It isn’t just about the mandates, people! This is about our Constitutional freedoms. We need people to join us so we can give the media something to talk about. When there’s a line of people a half mile long or more, then maybe they’ll think it’s newsworthy because We the People will start being the center of attention.

I recently did an interview with Sam Jacobson with the Millard County Chronical Progress. Shortly after the interview, he put a post on the newspaper’s Facebook page. The article is scheduled to come out sometime tomorrow both in print and online. We’ve not yet had any local tv stations come out to talk to us. Not one. Why? Do they think it’s just not important? Or are they afraid of sparking a movement? You decide.

Some high school students who must’ve been out during a lunch break, were walking just ahead of me. They saw our signs and yelled, “Yeah! Honk for Freedom!” One young man did the honking movement with his arm and got a honk from one of the cars driving by. I’ll bet this moment was a topic discussed at the dinner table later that night. As they were walking away, I heard the young man telling the others what the freedom walk was all about. I liked their enthusiasm!
One thing I noticed about these four kids, as well as the many other kids that were walking amongst us today, is that none of them had their heads buried in their phones. They were just out walking and talking with one another without the usual hand-held devices taking over their lives. It was quite refreshing!

I am at a poker table and I have taken all of my possessions, pushed them to the middle of the table saying, “I’m all in!” I’m ready to lose everything in this one last peaceful chance to make change in this country. Literally! I’m frustrated every day that It’s not a big enough story for the MSM.

I’m doing this for the country I love, which is quickly spiraling downhill because people won’t rise up and voice how they really feel. Again, It’s not about the mandates. This is about our freedom of choice. We need to end the State of Emergency that some in government have been abusing to gain power over millions of us. We need to hold them accountable for their actions and remind them who is really in charge! It’s not George Soros, Rockefeller or Rothschild, but us! We the People!

It’s our right and our DUTY to do this as American citizens. To make changes in our country we need massive numbers of people. Not just one guy walking across the country. We need people who are brave and willing to stand up and let their voices be heard.

This may be our last peaceful option, people. Are you seriously going to let this chaos continue any longer? We’re in a cold war. They know it. Some of you haven’t quite figured that out just yet.

From day one, I keep seeing horses during my journey, whether out in the wild or at a ranch. How appropriate it is for those horses to know there’s something there even with blinders on, yet they still moved towards that electric fence to say hi. All the while, here I am trying to talk to humans who have their blinders on to get them to come to the fence and talk. How ironic is that?

Back in March we met with Senators Cruz, Johnson and a handful of Congressmen including Sam Graves of Missouri. Rep Graves validated what I’ve been saying all along, that we need the voices of the people to affect change.

We have a lot of people who think we should join forces with other movements. In my opinion, going into DC and yelling at the people as they walk by won’t work because those people may not be the ones who need to be convinced. We need to educate and inspire the open-minded people that are around us here, as well as the 10 other states that we will be going through. Those who know something is wrong, but don’t quite know what to do to affect change in our country.

During TPC, we had hundreds of thousands of patriotic people that showed up on the bridges waving flags and yelling “Freedom!” This is exactly what we need now, but how do we go about replicating that?

On the home page of this website, you’ll see that there are two objectives. There’s really only one, but there’s a secondary component to the main objective which is to hold those tyrants accountable for their transgressions against the United States and its citizens.

Our Constitutional Republic needs to be restored, but you have to start somewhere.  Right now, the biggest exploitation is the State of Emergency and this should be at the forefront of your minds.

The State of Emergency grants the government mostly-unrestricted opportunities to control our lives. They can take away your 5th amendment rights and your rights to bear arms. They just keep chiseling away at your freedoms. What are you going to do about it? I think we need to gather and create a large enough spectacle that they’ll have to come out and hear what we have to say. For all of the people I’ve met and spoken with so far on my walk, I can count on one hand the number of people who didn’t think anything was wrong. There was one woman who said, “There isn’t anything wrong with our country! I’m fully supportive of everything that’s going on.”  In my opinion, this is pure Ignorance, but it’s her freedom of choice to believe that. Even though I disagree with her, I’m fighting for her, too.

Steve Spurgeon wrote a song Wake Up in the USA.
I want you to pay close attention to and really reflect on these lyrics:
There’s a cry of freedom sweepin’ around the world today,
Here we have it all…life and liberty.  Still, we give the dream away.
No more can we afford to stand around set aside our ways
Wake up in the USA. Wake up in the USA.
Help others when you can respect your fellow man
Can’t you see, the times are changin’!
When priorities are wrong, we’ve got to stand up strong,
and rearrange them
It’s time that we wake up and see
Our freedom was never free
So, wake up in the USA.
You know what you need to do.
Don’t give up. You’ve gotta push on through.
Quit closing your eyes, pretending that you don’t see.
And if you think you’ll just spectate, it’s too late
We all live here together, from sea to shining sea.
Now there’s a cry of freedom sweepin’ around the USA.
No one can take the sunrise or the breeze,
No one can turn our blue skies gray.
Now everybody join together with me as I pray
Wake up in the USA. Wake up in the USA.

I feel very passionate about this movement and am hopeful that there are millions of people out there who will join me. Then, they’d have to stop and listen to us. The media and the politicians and bureaucrats will no longer be able to ignore us.

In the meantime, consider joining something. I’d love to see local walks for freedom all over the country. We need to gather interested people to walk 3 to 4 miles to their city halls and their State Houses. Have a parade. Get the attention.

I hope this walk becomes a national parade. Have you ever seen a parade that goes across the whole country? I haven’t. Come join my parade! If you want a bring a float or a banner, bring it! If you want to fly your FJB flag? Go for it. It’s freedom of choice, after all. But you have to start somewhere.

You have people out there saying “Hey Grey Wolf are you going to walk all 2500 miles to DC?” If I had a parade of people with me, yeah, I would. Would it matter when we got there? No, it wouldn’t because at that point, we’d get media recognition and have the voices of more and more people.

If you have thoughts, I’d love to hear from you. I don’t have all of the answers and am open to constructive ideas. Email me at [email protected] and we can figure this out together!