Day 54 – 08/24/22 – Crossing the Border

Baker, NV to Delta, UT

Today I did a short, but symbolic walk across the border from Nevada and Utah. The border here is just an oasis. Regarding the place where we spent last night, the hotel is on the Utah side of the border and the café, gas station and casino are on the Nevada side.

Crossing the border from Nevada into Utah.
Flushing water through the engine to remove some of the built up rust.

During our stay there last night, we met several individuals who are supportive of the walk. We met an individual who’s riding his bike from Colorado to California. There was a couple from Texas that came in last night and saw the sign on the RV. They went and checked out the Walk website and liked what they learned about it. They came over to us this morning to say thank you!

We’ve had some issues with Beechy overheating, so we’re addressing that. We’ve figured out the problems and have ordered the materials we need which will be waiting for us in Delta. We went ahead and took the thermostat out and decided to flush the radiator using water in hopes to dislodge and eliminate some of the rust that’s been building up in the engine for the past 55 years. (Rust tends to build up even when you use coolant because it also contains water.) When we got into Delta, the temperature gauge was still on the hot mark, but at least we were able to make it the 88 miles.   

Mr T sporting his new American Flag cowboy hat given to him by a supporter.

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