Welcome to Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom!

Words of the day “Government Overreach”!

Our Constitutional Freedoms are being eroded right before our eyes❗️ 

“We The People” are the answer to stopping THEM from taking them away❗️

Let’s show THEM who they really work for❗️

“WE” need to take our country back❗️

The primary objectives of this movement are:

#1 – To END the State of Emergency concerning COVID-19 (started March 13, 2020) – ENDED MAY 11th, 2023

#2 – To ensure National emergencies act is amended so it can never be abused in this manner again‼️ – STILL NEEDED as of April, 2024

#3 – To EXPOSE, and ultimately hold accountable, all who abused National emergencies act to suppress our Constitutional rights and enrich themselves❗️

I don’t believe we will ever see those who brought this on the world will ever really be exposed!

Grey Wolfs Walk for Freedom started on July 2nd, 2022! It ended in November from Terre Haute Indiana after Grey Wolf needed to return home for surgery.

The United States and indeed the World have seen their share of tyrannical governments. 

Laws and Mandates that have been forced on the people have been nothing short of stifling! With the “Pandemic” we have seen many freedoms and liberties disappear at the stroke of a pen.

But mandates ARE NOT LAWS! They are very much like a mafioso deciding what “rules” he wants to disseminate down to his followers from his cigar-smoke-filled room!

Photographer unknown

But this is NOT just about the Mandates❗️ They are but a small part of what our elected officials are doing with the abuse of the State of Emergency❗️ They are using the emergency to funnel LARGE amounts of OUR tax dollars into the Big Pharma, Hospitals, Clinics, State Governments and other Countries❗️ This is in direct conflict with our Constitutional and God-given freedoms and liberties.

Ironically, there is ONLY one thing that the politicians and bureaucrats are afraid of more than their big money donors, and that is “THE PEOPLE“❗️

Convoys in America that started in California in February 2022 and headed to Washington, D.C. clearly showed that everyone wanted their constitutional rights back.

The MEDIA played a BIG role in NOT covering or only covering negative aspects of what was truly happening with the convoys as they rolled across the United States.

Although some of the Convoys are now over, the movement they started MUST continue and MUST GROW‼️

We The People must join together to show them all who THEY work for❗️

That is why Grey Wolf started a walk for freedom from his state capital in Carson City, NV (near his hometown of Reno) to Washington, D.C. He was the 2nd truck to join the largest and most talked about convoy that started in California. He spent 87 days, working his way across America and back. He met with Senators, Congressmen, State Senators, Doctors, Candidates for office, Sheriffs (and other law enforcement officers) as well as hundreds if not thousands of people, that shared hugs, kisses and handshakes. He shared his tears with people concerned with the direction the United States is going.

Pictured from Left to Right
Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Ron Johnson, Dr. Paul Alexander and Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman

Grey Wolf made promises to people he met along his way to Washington, D.C., that he would deliver those messages to the leaders there. He did that! But many more messages and objectives must be met!

Grey Wolf told the Senators that he felt like a Pony Express rider, collecting the post and delivering it.

Grey Wolf is continuing that theme with collecting letters, notes, kids crayon written notes and petitions in his replica Pony Express bag. As the bag fills, he will scan the letters and package them in burlap sacks for special delivery to our elected representatives in Washington DC when he arrives.

Write your letter. If you can’t give it to Grey Wolf in person, you can email it to the Grey Wolf Pony Express at the email address below, putting “Pony Express Letter” in the subject line.

[email protected]

Download, print and share the Grey Wolf Pony Express flyer here.

He told everyone that would listen that the truck drivers were just “The Tip of the Spear” and that the body and staff were made up of the PEOPLE‼️ And it would take the PEOPLE to make the REAL difference in their States, and in Washington, D.C.

Grey Wolf set out on this walk for freedom and liberties in America to raise awareness to what the Government has and IS doing. He will help Inform, Educate and Disseminate information to PEOPLE along the way as to what THEY must do to regain their Constitutional rights and God-given freedoms and liberties.

It is his goal to have as many people as possible join him when entering into Washington, D.C. to cover the distance from the Capitol Building to the White House and on to the Washington Monument with PEOPLE, standing shoulder to shoulder, letting THEIR many voices be heard as one‼️ So loud in fact, that the Government and the Media can no longer ignore THEIR demands‼️

I wholeheartedly believe in this effort. We need to raise awareness across the United States about what the government is doing to us. And WE, THE PEOPLE have to remind our government representatives that THEY WORK FOR US!

Get ACTIVE! Join in where you can‼️ Volunteer where you can. America is falling into the hands of evil, power-hungry mongers and MUST be stopped before it is too late.

Join the Patriot Roster at: www.patriotroster.com as well. It has a completely indexed Constitutional documents, a blog, forums and more!

Hope to see you on the road‼️

God bless you and God bless the United States of America‼️

Grey Wolf will be live streaming the entire walk except in locations where cellular data is lacking.

YouTube: Grey Wolf • Facebook: GreyWolfWalk • Rumble: GreyWolfRon • CloutHub: GreyWolf

If you have any questions, send us an email to:

[email protected]

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Steve Spurgeon is a song writer and singer that has given us permission to use his song “Wake Up in the USA” for the walk. Steve has said that he would be happy to speak and sing at one or more of our weekly rallies. Thank you to Steve.

Here is the song!

You can download Steve’s music from his website SteveSpurgeon.com