Day 55 – 08/25/22 – Community Building in Delta, UT

We got the Thermocure to put into Beechy. It needs to sit for 3 to 5 days…probably 5 to 7 days for our old RV with all of the normal rust buildup that’s accumulated over the past 55 years. We also got a much-needed new tire for the trailer leaving us with the existing bald one to have as a spare.

Today, a woman by the name of Rayette was driving by and saw the sign on Beechy, so she decided to come over and say hello. Later she came back with some food, water, watermelon and eggs from her chickens. She made a “Come Talk About Freedom” sign for us to use and brought some flags, too!  Such a sweet person and 100% patriot!

We bought a table and drilled a hole in it so we could use Whiskey Tango’s umbrella for shade as we sit outside. We played our walk theme song, “Wake Up in the USA” by Steve Spurgeon and set it to loop so it would play continuously. We now have a pretty good set up for a welcome table where we can place the guest book for people to sign, stack business cards to hand out and display the Grey Wolf Pony Express bag for people to put their letters in.

Some locals, Travis and Trevor stopped by the welcome table and talked to the gang a bit and signed the guest book. Later, Rayette’s husband Dan showed up and sat with us to talk about freedom for a couple of hours. We really enjoyed his company and the wonderful discussion. Great man!

My team and I also started digitizing some of the letters we had on hand to put in the Grey Wolf Pony Express bag. Some of them were leftover from TPC, but I felt they were appropriate to put into the bag to carry and deliver to the US Capital in Washington, DC. A local man actually came and gave me a few poems, one of which he had written himself, that were very inspiring and appropriate to include.

The plan is to set up a community walk for Saturday morning at 9am local (Mountain Time). Wouldn’t that be great! Some of our new friends will be spreading the word. If you’re local, we hope you’ll come join us!

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