Day 59 – 08/29/22 – Curiosity and Freedom Honks

One of the two vehicles that pulled over to speak with me today.

A lot of curiosity was sparked in the communities as Miss Patti and I walked 5.8 miles from Santaquin to Payson, UT today. There were two cars who saw the sign on the back of Beechy, were curious and pulled over to talk to me. After speaking to each of them for a short bit and giving them cards, the people in both vehicles showed strong support and encouragement of what we are doing. The first man even gave a pretty nice cash donation to the cause.

Then, there was a man across the street yelling “FREEDOM” to us from his front yard. It was quite invigorating!

We had more Freedom Honks, waves and thumbs up today than we had on our other walks out in the middle of nowhere.

We passed CS Lewis Academy with children at recess who stopped to waive at us.

We walked by a beautiful home with lovely flowers in the front yard which included roses. As the old saying goes, sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. After walking through the desert for so long, I had missed seeing green grass and the beauty of colorful flowers. When I searched “significance of roses” online, I came across an article by Whitney Hopler. Check out the very first paragraph here which I found inspirational.

I think Payson has the right idea. Look at their Welcome sign: Preserve America!

After today, I feel even more strongly that my decision to skip desolate areas and jump ahead to more populated areas was the right thing to do. I’m able to engage with more people this way and get the word spread more quickly. That’s quite obvious from the number of encounters I had today with fellow citizens of our great land!

Until next time! May God bless you, your families and our wonderful nation. Preserve America!

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