Day 7 – 07/08/22 – Our Flag was Still There

Five minutes into my walk, I came across our great American Flag and paused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. What a great way to start a day…even though it was quite early! “Good morning, Ron and Tom and the Wolf Pack.

Day 5 – 07/06/22 – A Walking Chat with Sasnak and Other Truths

Good morning, America! How are you? Today is Day 5 of my walk to Washington, D.C., in which I covered 13.5 miles of my journey, beginning in Lahontan Valley, NV and ending in Fallon, NV. I began my day with an inspiring

Day 4 – 07/05/22 – Over the Hill…Literally!

This morning, I left the Silver Strike Casino in Silver Springs, NV at around 7:15am PT. My team and I scoped out a couple of different stop locations for tonight. Because of the painful blister on the bottom of my right foot

Day 3 – 07/04/22 – Happy Birthday, America!

Today we celebrate the birth of our great country…246 years!!!  The love I have for my country is what inspired the Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom. We need to let this country know that we are proud Americans who deserve, and want

Day 2 – 07/03/22 – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Last night, after my 15.5-mile walk, Mr. T and I landed at the Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley for our first overnight stay. After a long and exciting day, we hunkered down, plugged in the RV and called it a night. I’ve got

Day 1 – 07/02/22 – Part 2 – My Journey Across America Begins

My fellow Patriot, friend and support driver, Tom (lovingly dubbed “Mr. T” by my moderators), Abby (my faithful dog and beloved mascot to my subscribers) and I arrived via my 1967 Beechwood RV (aka The Wolf Den) at the Capitol Building in

Day 1 – 07/02/22 – Part 1 – Today is the Day!

Quick update: Grey Wolf and Mr. T are heading to the Start Day location. They are running a little behind, but will be at the Nevada State Capitol shortly. Stay tuned for further updates and make sure to turn on your YouTube