Day 7 – 07/08/22 – Our Flag was Still There

After spending two nights at the Golden Gate Truck Stop in Fallon, NV, this morning, my faithful support driver and friend, Tom (aka “Mr. T”), and I headed out to our next destination in Salt Wells, NV which is 16.5 miles away. In hopes of avoiding the physical consequences of extreme heat, I started my walk at 4:15am PT.

Five minutes into my walk, I came across our great American Flag and paused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. What a great way to start a day…even though it was quite early!

“Good morning, Ron and Tom and the Wolf Pack. Don’t you just love watching the world wake up?”

After seeing the chat above from one of my subscribers, I was inspired to give this response:

Let’s do this. Let’s tell your friends, your family, everyone you know that it’s time to get up and do something about what’s happening in this country and not just sit back and let someone else try and do it. Every single one of you has a voice in this endeavor. Every one of you needs to make that voice loud and clear.

From early on in the day, I was inspired by the gorgeous sunrise.

Images catching the beautiful and breathtaking sunrise this morning. (Sunrise collage provided by Brenda)

At 7am, during one of my breaks from walking, a Churchill County Sheriff, who saw us pulled over, stopped to make sure we were ok. Tom got out of the RV to tell him about The Walk and gave him a card. The officer said, “Thanks for what you’re doing! I’ll check out the website when I get back to the station.” It was uplifting to find yet another supporter!

Old railroad car I saw in a field today

Some other highlights from today:

  • Two golden eagles were hovering above me
  • All throughout the day I was encouraged by supporters saying I was inspiring them to exercise/walk
  • Diesel was $8.17 per gallon here about 6 miles outside of Fallon

As always, I ended my walk with a big hug from Abby as I entered the RV.

Once again, I invite you to join me. Walk for a Mile or Walk for a While… all the way to Washington, D.C.!

Today’s stopping point in Salt Wells, NV

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  1. Impressive day. It can be so hard just to get out the door that early, you did great!

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