Day 5 – 07/06/22 – A Walking Chat with Sasnak and Other Truths

Good morning, America! How are you?

Today is Day 5 of my walk to Washington, D.C., in which I covered 13.5 miles of my journey, beginning in Lahontan Valley, NV and ending in Fallon, NV.

I began my day with an inspiring interview with Sasnak. We spoke for about an hour. You can find that interview by clicking on the image below, beginning at about the 23:25 mark.

Interview with Sasnak (Click the image to watch)

I am hoping to have the first rally day in Austin, NV.

Once I enter the desert, I expect about 4 to 5 days of pure desert, and will be doing pre-dawn walk launches to beat the heat.

During my walk, I had the opportunity of an open panel discussion with DiegoTV.

Chatter: “I hope people wake up and research facts on what the government is doing behind closed doors and we research and put the right people in office. I vote Grey Wolf to be a leader in office.”

Watch everyone! You don’t vote for someone just because they have a D or an R next to their name. Check them out and make sure they’re properly representing you, because they may not be being loyal to you. That’s for sure. And we need to change that in this country.

The human psyche will force you into basically being loyal simply because of your decision to join a party. It doesn’t matter if it’s a political party or whatever the case may be. When you make a decision to join something, you become loyal to that in your subconscious. To the point that your brain will make an excuse for it and you’ll still be loyal to it even if that group or party is incorrect or wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s an R or a D. It’s just the way our brains are wired and you have to work past that. That’s why I am a registered Non-Partisan and I look at the whole field.  I look at all of it, as should everyone. Check out the individual who is running for office, not their party designation. Do they really represent you, the people? That’s the key. I represent my country here in this walk and by doing so, I’m representing all who want to go with me. It’s that simple.  Proper representation.

Special time with Abby during one of my breaks

Nobody likes being wrong. Until you can swallow a little bit of that pride, and understand the forces that put you there, you’re going react with a defense mechanism. And I don’t care if it’s political or whatever the case might be.

Look at the scare tactics used for the mandates. We’re a country of laws. We have an established process for creating laws. That’s why we call our representatives lawmakers. Article 1 of the Constitution of the United States. But if you take a real, deep look at what has been going on here, you will find that laws have NOT been made. That’s the reason that I am prompted to do this walk. Mandates have been processed, whether right or wrong and we are falsely led to believe these are laws, but they are not. So, one would have to ask the question: If they’re really so intent on making sure that you follow the mandates, then why not make them laws? Well, because there’s no fact base. The proposed bill would be rejected for lack of standing as a law. Without a fact base, the bill would die in the judiciary of the House or the Senate. And that goes for your states too…for your Assemblies and your State Senates. The bill wouldn’t make it through the process, so they can’t make a law out of it.

What is going on in this country today is because of the Emergency Declaration. They’re using the 1976 Emergency Act as a basis to abuse the entire situation. The last one was signed February 18, 2022. I’m talking about the fact that you have governors out there that want their state to be locked down and they’ve issued all of these mandates. So, my point is this, if people do the research instead of listening to the news, they will find that there’s no fact base. If there’s no fact base, it can’t pass through the judiciary. If it can’t pass through the judiciary, then it can never become a law. So why in the world would anybody listen to a mandate if it’s not law? People need to simply turn off the tv and do their own research.

Another curious driver who saw the sign on the Beechwood and turned around to come and speak with me

Have you ever had a police officer pull you over and say, “You broke a mandate, so I’m writing you a ticket.”? No! They say “You broke the law.” Mandates are not laws, people. So, when they start subverting your Constitutional freedoms, basically Article 3 of the Constitution of the United States, by virtue of a Declaration, that’s the power they are exploiting. The Senate created and passed a bill to end the state of emergency and included verbiage to make it so they would never be able to utilize it in such an abusive manner ever again. They suppressed our Constitutional freedoms, for what they intend to be a way to rule the people. So, the people need to come together and let them know “that’s not happening in any way, shape or form”. We’re going to end it. They’ve been funding billions of taxpayer dollars into stuff that’s not needed, nor wanted. That’s why we’re going crazy right now. That’s why the World Economic Forum is attempting to literally destroy sovereignty in any part of the world.

I LIKE that shirt! FREEDOM! (Click the image above to watch the clip)

Here are some other highlights from the rest of my day.

Along with a lot more FREEDOM honks and waves, I had the pleasure of meeting a few individuals today:  

I sure hope you will come out with me and walk for a mile or walk for a while, or all the way to Washington, D.C.! Let’s do this!!

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