Day 13 – 07/14/22 –”Blistery” Day

I woke up this morning anxious to check on the now, total of 9, blisters on my right foot. A lot of the new ones popped up yesterday during the steep inclines in the terrain. Yesterday, I decided that I would wait until this morning to determine if I would be walking today or needing to take a day for healing. It turned out to be the latter of the two.

Oldie, but goodie:
Abby holding down the fort in Big Green.

I did a brief stream tonight which also premiered on the new Grey Wolf Walk facebook page. Stop by and check it out!! The number of facebook followers is climbing by the minute!

Here’s a link to the YouTube stream if you want to get caught up for the day. It explains everything. Grey Wolf Walks America Day 13 update

I’ll get up at 2:30am tomorrow morning, check the status of the blisters, and then make a decision about my day. See you all next time!

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  1. Sometimes you just gotta take care of stuff for a bit. Looking forward to you being all better.

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