Day 12 – 07/13/22 – Happy Centennial Day – 100 miles!

Today I hit my first milestone! Since leaving Carson City, NV on July 2, I have officially walked 100 miles. At 8:29am, I reached the centennial mile mark! What an accomplishment!

Having already completed about a mile of the ascent yesterday before I stopped for the day, I continued my scaling of Sand Mountain today, accompanied by a full moon. It was still warm when I started out at 3:40am, in the 70’s, and that is the coolest part of the day in the desert. 

As I started my day, one of my YouTube chatters asked “What’s your cause?”

I’m glad for the question. I love talking about it.  My answer: To get people off the couch and get them engaged. We all know something is wrong with this country and it has to do with the government (local, state, and federal). We are a land of “For the People” and it is extremely important that “We the People” keep our country constitutionally sound.

The government has the mentality that they can control us … that they can take away our rights to breathe, to protest, to decide whether or not we want to put poison into our bodies, to own weapons, etc. That type of control CANNOT be allowed. We have God-given, unalienable rights.

So, the cause and goal of this walk is to inspire a movement of people who are aware and will stand up against tyrannical local, state and federal governments. We need to hold them accountable and to ensure the drafting of new laws that will keep the government at bay. I will refer you to the 2nd paragraph of our Declaration of Independence.”

I was inspired to do this walk after the convoy when I saw how many people showed up to show support from Adelanto, CA all the way to Hagerstown, MD. What I also saw was an outpouring of sorrow or mourning … the mourning of the loss of our freedoms in this country and what people are willing to do about it to inspire change.

It’s the people that have the right to expose and transform a government that uses deceptions to keep us compliant. They manufacture narratives coercing us to believe that the government is acting in our best interests. They are not. They feel threatened when we, the people, question their narratives, do our own balanced research, and become “awakened” to the truth.

The government and MSM are parrots. They’ve propagandized people to think they cannot survive without the government. That’s what’s wrong. They’ve been indoctrinating our children for years. And they’ve turned us against each other.

The onsite Walk Team as I tend to my blisters and Abby gives her new pal a kiss.

We ran into a bit of technical difficulty today as we entered into the first of many dead zones for cellular service, but we recovered.  I expect to enter quite a few more before my journey through the desert has reached completion.  It was good to see how well the team managed to rally while I was unable to connect.

I paused near an active silver mine to take a break.  Wow, what a climb!  But I’ve crested the mountain, and the walk should be a little easier as I proceed down the other side.

One of todays history lessons from Weather Cat

I was asked by someone in chat to speak on Article 5 of the Constitution: Article 5 of the constitution has to do with amendments to the constitution. Currently we have 27 amendments. People misunderstand. They believe that the amendments can only come from the House and the Senate, but that’s not true. Article 5 allows for amendments to be made based on the states as well. Visit the Convention of States Project to learn more and to sign the petition to get your state on board, if they’re not already.

Today I hit my first milestone! Since leaving Carson City, NV on July 2, I have officially walked 100 miles.  At 8:29am, I reached the centennial mile mark!  What an accomplishment! 

Actually, once we got into the parking lot it’s really about 100.1 or 100.2 miles… I would say “but who’s counting” … but really every tenth of a mile is an accomplishment so… I’m counting!

I ended my walk for the day and took some time to appreciate my accomplishment and be in the moment.  

Our stop today after finishing the 100th mile of my walk

I walked 8.5 miles today.  Because of the increase in elevation in this route, it was a short-distance day. I’m still in the conditioning phase which will inherently involve some shorter and some longer days as my body gets used to this activity.

Today was a great day. I took a bit of Tylenol and, pending the status of my blisters in the morning, am going to get ready for another great day of walking and pro-freedom talking tomorrow.

Last night I began work on a new Grey Wolf Walk Facebook page.  It’s still under construction, but you’re welcome to check it out while I’m working on it!

Come join me next time as I walk to inspire, educate, and enlighten others, and to fight for our freedoms.

Walk for a Mile, or Walk for a While.

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  1. Congratulations on your first 100 miles! We are with your every mile of this journey.

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