Days 27/28 – 07/28-29/22 – Distances and Discussions

Day 27 – 07/28/22 – Distances

Patti (aka Mrs. Tango) and I set out on today’s voyage which was downhill for the most part. We started the 10.1 mile walk at the Weather Station at the Austin Summit and ended just short of mile marker 37 on US-50 in Austin, NV.  Mr. T remained at basecamp to perform maintenance and repairs on the Beechwood. Juniper was in the lead vehicle and Whiskey Tango followed behind in the chase vehicle. They communicate back and forth about the oncoming traffic in the area in an effort to keep us, and the drivers around us, safe as we walk this stretch of road.

A passing vehicle slowed down to take a picture of the sign on back of the support vehicle.

We need to spread the word about this movement. Share the news, share the website, the streams, the blogs, the mission statement…anything and everything that will get “We the People” involved. We have a Call to Action that includes contacting your local and federal representatives to let them hear your voices about rescinding the State of Emergency. Refer to bill S.J.Res.38 which is a joint resolution to terminate the national emergency concerning COVID-19.

Get involved! Come out, join the movement and let’s get more people…more voices.  The more people gather together, the louder we’ll become. The louder we become, the less we can be ignored. We need to keep increasing the volume of our voices, and we can only do that if YOU get involved.

Ron & Geri have joined us for a bit. They drove over 400 miles yesterday getting supplies and parts for the Beechwood. God bless them and I thank them for their tremendous support!

MY personal message has remained consistent. I’ve never changed it since that very first day in Adelanto, CA on Feb 22, 2022. On that day, I was interviewed by LiveFeed. The things I said in that interview remain just as true as if I had said them today! Check out that interview HERE.

Day 28 – 07/29/22 – Discussions

Today I had my second guest appearance on Wendy Bell Radio. Wendy is a firecracker and a breath of fresh air! She is a decorated journalist whose professional career spanned several decades on tv and a few years on radio. She grew tired of censorship and began Wendy Bell Radio. Like it says on her website, “Conservative. American. Strong.”

Check out this exclusive guest appearance which begins about 2.5 hours into the stream links shown below!

Ways to Watch:
Rumble: Wendy Bell Radio
Wimkin: Wendy Bell Radio

One thought on “Days 27/28 – 07/28-29/22 – Distances and Discussions

  1. I am so glad to be part of this movement, to help Grey Wolf any way I can. I am proud of what he is doing, and call on everyone who can to join him and us who work with him, to follow him to DC. We need your support in may ways, but you must remember that by helping him you are helping yourself. YOU need to fight this battle, YOU need to voice your displeasure with your representatives who are not doing what you ask to better this country. So don’t depend on one person, because one drop of water can’t do anything without the many drops that make an ocean.

    So if you want to keep this country FREE, you have to do something. Get up, stand up and use your voices loud, proud and strong! Defend this country or you will lose it!

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