Day 29 – 07/30/22 – Milestone: The Bicentennial Mile!

Me as I walk into the stopping point for today at Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area. I LOVE our great American Flag!

Today’s walk route was 11.4 miles starting from just before mile marker 37 on US-50 in Austin, NV to my next stopping point at Hickison Petroglyph Recreation Area.

I hit another milestone today at the 5.8 mile mark – The Bicentennial Mile! I can’t believe I’ve actually walked 205.6 miles since I began my walk exactly 4 weeks ago today! Not bad for someone trying to physically condition himself during this movement to help restore our FREEDOMS!!

Live-streaming was an impossibility today, although I gave it my best shot. Cellular service in this area is shoddy, at best. Instead, as I walked, I recorded some short videos from my phone which I’m still in the process of uploading onto my Grey Wolf YouTube channel.

Gather your family and friends and come join us. I would love to meet you and walk side by side with you. Together, we can make a difference. Our voices WILL be heard!

Below, I’m sharing some photos from this milestone day. Enjoy!

Me Walking in Front of One of the Support Vehicles
Bicentennial Mile Marker 43 on US-50 in Austin, NV
Abby meeting me when I arrived at my destination
Whiskey Tango and me at the Petroglyph Sign.
The Great Seal of the State of Nevada
“All for Our Country”

One thought on “Day 29 – 07/30/22 – Milestone: The Bicentennial Mile!

  1. Listened to your interview with Wendy Bell. All points were covered very well on what the public needs to know about “Grey Wolf Walk Across America” to protect our U. S. Constitution and our civic and religious liberties. Wendy is a great ball of energy and well informed. She called you handsome, nice compliment and an energizer, too! She understands how one person can go out and inspire others to make a difference and join in to change outcomes. So proud of you and your team, talented and loyal friends, who have faith in their leader. God bless as you forge shoulder to shoulder and as you go, may all become bolder and bolder in the fight for our rights! Your friends, We certainly enjoyed our experience meeting great people and seeing the beauty the state of Nevada has to offer. We have been energetically talking and spreading the word on who you are and what you are doing. People are amazed and sometimes thrilled about such a great American tribute and this from Reno-Sparks to Fallon, to Eureka to Carlin and Elko Nevada and more than a few have asked for your website to follow. God Bless from new friends made and we will always be thankful we made an effort to see for ourselves how it feels to take steps with you and get off our couch in Central Oregon. Fondly remembering, Ron and Geri.

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