Day 22 – 07/23/22 – Young Patriots Help Lead the Way

At the start of the day, we were about 18 miles away from Austin and my goal was to cover at least half of that.

We started with a lot of technical difficulties. First, I had trouble connecting to get the stream to go live. Once we went live and Patti and I started to walk, the stream cut out, plus I lost communication with my team in Discord.

Offline, we walked about 2.5 miles and found our first stopping point where I got to work getting the stream to go live again. Texas Girl gave me a new audio device, so I took the time to get that installed in hopes that my audio would be clearer on the stream.

Once all of the technical stuff was taken care of, we started our walk again. As you may know, last night Texas Girl, Juniper and their two children, Collier (12 years old) and McKenzie (11 years old), met up with us to join the movement. Each of the kids took turns walking different stretches with me today. I am so excited to have these young Patriots join me in making history and to help lead the way for other young people to join in and stand up for what is right!

Later on, during one of the breaks while I was resting, Mr. T was talking live with DiegoTV. Mr. T was expressing how proud he was of these two young Patriots who were out walking with Ron. He said to the viewers, “If they can do it, you can do it too. Come on out here and join us. Walk for a Mile or Walk for a While!

McKenzie, Whiskey Tango and Grey Wolf

I’m reminded of a time before I started the Walk back on July 2nd. My biggest fear then was starting this movement in Carson City, NV and having nobody else show up to walk with me. That’s exactly what happened. Now look! I met Whiskey Tango and his wife, Patti, at an RV stop here in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, and these Patriots decided to join in on the Walk. Now Texas Girl, Juniper, Collier and McKenzie are here for the long haul as well. In a day or so, two more people are planning to meet up with us for a while.

Mama Wolf, one of my mods, (no relation) reminded me today of the saying, “One drop alone can do nothing, but many drops of water make an ocean.” This goes perfectly with what I’ve been saying all along. I alone, cannot make much change for our country, but if you join me and help spread the word to others so they can join us as well, by the time we get to DC we can be at least a million strong and they’ll have to listen to us.

They’re trying to keep us from coming together to share our truths…our stories. They want us to feel isolated and to keep our mouths shut. We are no longer in a lockdown. Now is the time to talk to one another and to share our experiences and thoughts on what is wrong with our country and what we can do together to fix it. Get that? Together!

Collier taking the lead.

We Americans have a unique ability to stand up strong together when things are rough. We need to do that again. We need to share our likes and dislikes with one another and we need to discuss what it is we’re going to do about it. Ultimately, it’s “We the People”. It’s our freedoms and our God-given rights that we are born with.

When I was born, there was only one person who gave me my breath, my sight, my hearing, my life and He is the only one that can take that away. That’ll be the day my fight ends, but until that day, I will give everything in my power to make things right again in our country!

When you come to the realization that screaming at the tv while watching the news isn’t doing anything to make change, get up off that couch and do something about it! Be more like Whiskey Tango, Patti, Collier and McKenzie who each took a stand and walked with me today. Be more like Texas Girl and Juniper who are our Walk Ambassadors and faithful supporters! Be more like our volunteers, moderators and all in my support team. They want to see change and are doing something about it. When are you going to join me? When are YOU going to take a stand and do something for what you believe in before you lose it all? Have you had enough yet? I know I have!

Texas Girl, Juniper and the kids advancing ahead to setup camp