Day 18 – 07/19/22 – “I’m Back!”

Unfortunately, we had no signal for the majority of the walk today. However, we expected to encounter some dead zones as we are walking through the desert.

Although we’ve been walking along the country’s loneliest highway, we have been pleasantly surprised to encounter a plethora of patriotic Americans and international travelers in the middle of the desert.  As expected, everyone was extremely supportive. After talking about the Constitution and the current state of emergency, it turns out that they’ve all been looking for an opportunity to do their part in rescuing the country and its constitution, including walking with Grey Wolf.

Having conversations about the Constitution and how our rights are slowly being stripped away from us is important, since, unfortunately, a great number of people are either misinformed, or do not know the full extent of this very important document. The same is true for the current state of the manufactured “emergency”, being used by tyrants, which is the root of many issues.

During our journey today, we walked past an old ghost town – Alpine, Nevada.

Ruins of Alpine, Nevada

The Clan Alpine Mountain Range in Churchill County, Nevada runs north to south. Its east facing slopes descend into Edwards Creek Valley and run parallel to U.S. Highway 50. On the eastern slopes of the Clan Alpine Mountains, mining began in earnest as early as 1864. By 1866 the small camp of Alpine, consisting of a post office, several rock cabins, and the mill and office of the Silver Lode Mining Company, had sprung up around the mill site. However, as the ore turned out to be of low grade and the veins narrow, operations were stopped and the mill’s machinery was moved to White Pine County by 1869. The Alpine site is located approximately seventy-five miles east of Fallon, off of U.S. Highway 50, just west of Old Overland Road. Several partial rock walls are still visible at this site.

After our walk, we returned to The Cold Springs Station Resort, where George and Barbara gracefully extended their sponsorship to allow us to stay another night at their resort. This has allowed us to take care of a few odds and ends, and make some minor repairs to the Beachwood (like wiper blades). We are blessed to have such patriotic and supportive hosts.

Cold Springs Station Resort
Source for image

Cold Springs Station Resort is established near the original site of the 1860 Pony Express Cold Springs Station, located on Hwy 50, “The Loneliest Road in America”. They are a destination resort featuring a restaurant, bar, gift shop, RV park, cabins and a motel. The great beauty of central Nevada is evident here. The mountains surrounding The Station reach altitudes of over nine thousand feet and are readily accessible by four-wheel drive or off road vehicles. There is abundant wildlife in the area as well, as the mountain ranges host Antelope, Deer and Big Horn Sheep populations.

Tomorrow The Walk will resume at the exact location where we stopped today. There is a possibility of loss of signal tomorrow, as we are going through another dead zone. If this happens on stream, we apologize in advance and ask you to be patient, as Grey Wolf is continuing to traverse the desert.

It also looks like our new friend Tom might possibly join us for further miles.

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  1. It is so good to see the kindness of fellow American Citizens, like Barbara & George, of Cold Springs Station Resort, embody the spirit to helping your great cause! Speaking of the Constitution, here again is the address for the FREE POCKET CONSTITUTION & DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from Hillsdale College: Ron, I wish you strength, peace, good health, and safety & security that only our Lord, God can provide you! God Bless you & your team. Y’all are in my prayers!

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