Day 15 – 07/16/22 – “Legitimately at Middlegate”

I had a surprise visit last night, which I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.  Bubba was so excited to do this with me, and about doing something that really mattered.  Now, he is with us on this journey.  I am so touched about that.

Sacrifice comes in many ways.  And sacrifice is definitely on my plate. So, at my age, it’s something to be said.There are many things that affect my mileage for each day:

  1. Temperature in the desert. One cannot easily walk in 90-degree temps, much less triple digits. That’s why I started walking early in the morning. If high temps continue, I may have to start at midnight in the future.
  2. Walking at night is the only way to put in the miles that I want to cover.  That often means walking alone, but I’m still going to continue.
  3. The weather plays a part as well. For example, rain showers and dust storms make the going much more difficult.
  4. I have to listen to my body too, in shaping this new environment for it.  I have to respect its limitations. When someone is traveling like I am, you have to heed the warnings of the body.
Fairview Peak – dry lake bed. Churchill County, Nevada

I had a bit of a climb today coming out of the valley.  But we made it.

Fairview Peak was so named on account of the scenic views it affords.  Variant names were “Fairview Cairn” and “Fairview Mountain”.  On December 16, 1954, an earthquake doublet hit this area and moved the mountain 6 feet above the valley floor. We stopped here to take a break and refresh. 

​”Well Grey Wolf if your walk gets people to stand up and take notice it will filter down to the rest of the world in time.”

Chat on YouTube stream

This MUST happen this year.  We’re running out of time, folks. But, like Sasnak said recently, people aren’t hurting enough yet.  They are still focusing on their lives, their creature comforts, and on bogus things like monkey pox (which is basically like herpes mixed with aids). It’s nothing new. They’re trying to throw false flags at us. Stand up and let your voices be heard. They will continue censoring us and maybe even shut down accounts because of what I’ve said. Most people don’t realize that 96-97% of all media in this country is owned by only 6 corporations. You hear what THEY want you to hear. As for those that speak up, we’re marked as conspiracy theorists.

Abby enjoying break time.

“Grey Wolf, what was the “light bulb” moment you had when you decided to do this walk? Where were you, what were you doing?”

Chat on YouTube stream

“The light bulb moment came to me when I was working in East Earl, Pennsylvania. The TPC had ended. I knew that we needed to continue to grow the movement that the convoys had started. But I didn’t know what at the time could do that.  So, I was racking my brain while delivering sugar. And, for a couple of days before I mentioned it to anyone, I was thinking about a slow roll across the country. I had come to the conclusion that many people have placed their bets on the convoys of being saviors of the country. The truck drivers being the saviors.  I’m no savior, that’s for sure. But I do believe that I can properly represent people when it comes to what the country wants.  So that was milling over in my mind, to the conclusion that I needed to walk to continue the movement, and to grow the movement. And the movement itself has to continue to bring people to an awakened status.  It gets them to understand that it is way bigger than me, way bigger than the truck drivers. And, that the only thing in all of history as far as records have been kept – the government’s reversals, government’s accountability, government’s replacements – has always been done by the people, the masses.  And, then, I’m sitting there thinking in the back of my mind …  they’ve done a real good job (they being the cabal running things behind the scenes).  They fabricate lies and deception.  That’s where I’m inviting people to come out, to get educated.”

Memorial for Meredith Guy Cooper which I passed today.

I’ve arrived back at Middlegate. Now I’m “legitimately” here!

Once Tom and I got to the restaurant, we stumbled on a couple of people who were in a deep discussion about the difficulties going on in our country. Our conversation started when Ryan, a fellow veteran, asked me about my headset. I explained that I was talking to my moderators who are always in my ear, helping with plans and keeping me going.  We had a very enjoyable conversation with both Ryan and his friend Janet, who seemed very supportive of the movement.

I really enjoyed what seemed like a family reunion last night after I was invited to participate in a panel discussion with some names and faces most of you would recognize – Sasnak, Mud Pig, Lit’l Blinky, DiegoTV, and Lisa the Mayor.  It was awesome that Texas Girl hosted this on her channel, ONEVoice (watch full panel here).  We had so much fun joking around

I will be getting some “I Walked with Grey Wolf” stickers, however you can get one only if you actually walk with me.

See you next time!

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