Day 10 – 07/11/22 – Back to the Future

Most of today, we were making preparations to head out tonight to return to Salt Wells. The blisters on my right foot are healing very well. Who would have thought that castor oil would be the miracle cure for blisters!

This morning during my live-stream: Day 10 – Walk for freedom update.

This evening I spent some time in the Voice Lounge in Grey Wolf’s Wolf Den in Discord. It’s nice to hang out there with you guys. If you’d like to join us there, we share a 24-hour invite link during the YouTube live stream.

I’ll need to make it an early night tonight. I’ll start my walk again between 3:00 and 3:30 PT tomorrow morning. I’ll be leaving from Salt Wells, NV for an 11.7 mile walk to my next destination.

Support Freedom got me hooked up with an app called Strava. (Thank you, buddy!) I actually used it on my last walk day. It gives a lot of great information and I’m looking forward to using it for the rest of my walks. Below are some of the Strava screen shots from Day 7.

That’s it for tonight. Sleep well and know that I am grateful for each and every one of you! See you tomorrow!

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